weekly report

Cross-trained three days last week, two running workouts. Logged just under seven miles yesterday. It was windy so I walked; I can't stand running in cold wind.

I'd love to invent something like Wink-Ease but for ears, to block wind but not sound.


Training, Trainer, Trained

After a long time off of running, as this winter, I wasn't getting my ass in gear nearly enough to do much more than the stair master in my living room, I am running tonight and I am psyched! I'm also training a new runner to run a 5k as a team in May, and that's beyond exciting. I have a lot of info tucked away in my brain about running, training and cross-training, so I love to train other runners.


bully on me.

I haven't done shit because I've been way busy.


Nothing at fucking all to report.



Hi, love this RoadID.


chicago marathon and such

Word up. The Chicago Marathon was a mess. Read my schpiel about it here on my other blog. A total mess to be sure, but I am not blaming race organizers. People want someone to blame, but nobody could ave planned for hot hot it was going to be and how runners were going to behave and all that. Runners threw water allover themselves to cool down, which they should have, but then it made for reduced drinking water. I don't think anyone is to blame here, really.

Anyway, I haven't much to report at the moment. I've been pretty busy. the chilly weather seems to finally be here, so it is time to switch to my cool weather routines. Also, I just found out that Team in Training is about to be twenty years old in 2008, so now I am very gung-ho to do another event with them.


vegas= not for quitters

I want to pick the next marathon. Vegas? Maybe the Vegas half? The trouble with running a half marathon is that it feels like quitting in the middle of something, which just isn't my style.